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Our Daily Manna Devotional – Struggles Don’t Define You! Hold On!

Our Daily Manna
9 January 2020



In this New Year, you must remember that your struggle does not define you. Your reaction to that struggle is what defines you. Whether faced with a life-threatening disease, disappointments, delays you cannot explain, bitter betrayals, wrong decisions, or TOUGH situations, how you react exposes hidden personality traits of the hero within you. In this ELEVATION year, you cannot GO DOWN! The LORD is speaking to 23, 300 ODM users right now: “You have been afraid to fail! You have been so scared of demotion! You have secretly dreaded LOSING IT ALL by GOING DOWN the hill of life! You hate to focus on your past and you fear a repeat of past failures!
But hear me My daughter and lend me your ears My son: I carried you IN MY HANDS in your mother’s womb and My hands were not weak in that season you were formed! Generations were conceived and your story line was written before you saw this earth! I have a plan and l shall take away the traps that HURT and I shall cause DIVINERS TO RUN MAD! All shall see you and marvel at the new speed that is coming! All shall see your head LIFTED and it shall come as DOUBLE lifting! The arrows of SHAME shall miss their target concerning you and all yours who favour your cause! I will cause you to laugh again and I shall I shall step you into My HIGHER-GROUND GRACE! You shall sing a new song of ELEVATION again!
For your past losses, I shall RESTORE and for your past growth, I shall MULTIPLY! There shall nothing fail concerning my agenda for your destiny! FEAR NOT WHAT MEN HAVE SAID; for no mortal can define your end story! Fear not their BOASTINGS for your wars and your battles REFINE but do not DEFINE you! My Finger shall rewrite all they have written! My BREATH shall cancel all they have spoken against you! Wait upon Me! LOOK UP to Me! Cease to LOOK here and there! I am ready! I am ready! I am ready to bring you into your EXPECTATIONS OF REST!” Wow, I nearly fell off this laptop just now as my “3 FRIENDS” overshadowed me in this prophetic flow!
Lift up your hands and begin to worship the LORD even as you pray now:
1. My Father, my Father God; I receive ALL You have spoken concerning me today! 2. I key into these prophetic words and declare that this is my year! 3. Evil men and women shall run mad and shame shall be their CANOPY this year – Vs. 25 of today’s scripture! 4. I cannot be defined by my battles this year! Yes, battles refine but do not define my destiny! I am not a quitter and I am not a loser! Thank you, LORD for the victory today as I go out!

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1. Pray the prayers above again. Our Daily Manna 9 January 2020 – STRUGGLES DON’T DEFINE YOU! HOLD ON!
on page 108 of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN- 15”
3. Pray on any other prayer point(s) as led now.