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Our Daily Manna Daily Devotional – “Who are You?” Must End! His Wife Insulted Him!

ODM Today January 2020 Day 21



A man once came to me and cried that his wife gave him the BIGGEST AINSULT of his life on that day! I was curious to know what she said! And he said: “My wife told me, ‘Hey, USE A CONDOM; THE WORLD DOESNT NEED ANOTHER YOU.” As I tried to calm him down, I knew that REPROACH had SWALLOWED UP RESPECT in that home and part of today’s devotional was born! The wife was telling him that he was USELESS and people like him should be BANNED from planet earth! What an insult! But do you know that even LIFE INSULTS PEOPLE? Yes! When people or demons begin to ask you “WHO ARE YOU” in a MOCKING MANNER, it means RESPECT has been SWALLOWED UP by REPROACH! That was what the seven sons of SCEVA experienced “WHO ARE YOU?” is not a compliment but a question of IDENTITY “WHO ARE YOU?” is a question used to DESTABILIZE AN OPPONENT THE WAR FRONT! IT IS QUESTION OF MOCKERY! THIS: When Jacob went into the presence of Isaac his father to receive OF MOCKERY! WATCH THIS: When Jacob went to the presence of Isaac his father to receive HIS TRANSGENERATIONAL BLESSING the battle of his identity show up.

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Isaac asked him, WHO ARE YOU?” (Genesis 27:18. 19. 24)! Jacob had to change his identity before he could obtain THE BLESSING! He was JACOB, but he changed his name/identity to ESAU! But many years the angel asked him. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?’ And he said ‘JACOB’Genesis 32: 27). That is why I call the WORLD ANOINTING ELEVATION A NIGHT OF A NEW NAME AND ANEW IDENTITY! The LDRD will shake off any EVIL LABEL and baptize you with a New LABEL of holiness, wealth, good health, uncommon promotion, good marital, story, signs, wonders, new oil, new grace, etc. Ah! This year, RESPECT WILL SWALLOW UP REPROACH in your life, family and ministry! The insult of “WHO ARE YOU must expire! The powers asking “WHO ARE YOU from your father’s and mother’s house shall be arrested at the ELEVATION NIGHT! Those saying that you are not qualified shall run mad in disappointment! Sow your ELEVATION SEED also known as HOW ARE YOU?”

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1. Pray on today’s word as led now.
2. My Father! My Father!! Do a quick work in my destiny, that will turn WHO ARE YOU?’ To ‘HOW ARE YOU?’ this year in Jesus name.
3. LORD, take away anything bringing INSULT and REPROACH to my destiny this year (pray it seriously now and also in “War Against Haman)
4. Lord, BAPTIZE ME WITH RESPECT in the 12 months of this year (mention the months). Respect, Swallow Up Reproach
5. Pray the “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 15” prayers of today as directed above.