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Music/Lyrics: Efe Nathan – None Compares

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Nigeria’s renowned Worship leader, Efe Nathan and her world-class crew, released a new single titled— None Compares.

It’s a Sound of Worship; a Fresh Anthem of Vertical Worship that had even begun to reverberate in many hearts before its official release.Based on the song’s inspiration, Efe Nathan says, “I received this song in its entirety, while I was waiting for the wife of one of my backup vocalists in the delivery room.

Our hopes were high and amid all the problems and medical reports we believed in God for safe delivery of their first child. In the midst of all those worries as I stood in faith and prayers with the family right there in the hospital, the Holy Spirit put that song in my heart as an assurance that He was in charge and that all will be well and soon after that song came and I sang it that the baby was born miraculously.

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This testimony, I believe, is the “firstborn” of many testimonies that will burst in the lives of everyone who downloads, listens and sings this song. I’m expecting massive testimonies when people gather, sing or even hear this song, believers or not. Leaks of evil are being cancelled. What was unlikely will become possible and things will happen to people that can only be traceable to God until all can agree that this is God’s eye.

This Indescribable Sound expresses God’s Awesomeness and what makes Him HOLY apart from anyone else. Efe Nathan Writes None Compares and Created by Ayodeji Ojekunle. All Praise and Worship teams, this is Your new anthem, Every family and household, with this song saturate the atmosphere, Miracles will erupt on that business, Healings are bound to happen.Nathan Efe.

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Lyrics: None Compares By Efe Nathan

C’mon everybody
Give God Glory!!
You ready to praise Him uuh
None compares to our God
He’s worthy of all the glory and all the praise comon
C’mon eh now eh eh
C’mon eh now eh eh
Oh now
You ready!

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None compares to you
I lift my voice to you
None compares to you
I lift my hands to you

Call: Alpha omega
Res: You are God
Call: Ancient of Days
Res: You are God
Call: Creator of the earth
Res: You are God
Call: Omega:
Res: You are God

You are Messiah (4x)
You are my healer (4x)

Hossana (8x)
Halleluyah (8x)
We praise you (6x)

None compare to you
I lift my voice to you
None compares to you
I lift my hands to you.