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Music/Lyrics: Celiono – Oghene Ose Woruno

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Gospel music singer Celiono did not waste time following her release in December 2019 with her first single “Oghene Ose Woruno” for the year 2020.

The song combining urban instrumental with traditional folk balances this Urhobo mid-tempo vibe’s appeal to both young and old alike. It is a song of thanks, Celiono honors God as she remembers moments when she has been pulled up by God’s mighty hands. She enjoys her listeners with the dialect of Urhobo in thanksgiving.The song that mixes urban instrumental with traditional folk matches the appeal of this mid-tempo Urhobo to both the young and the old. It’s a song of thanks, Celiono honors God as she remembers the moments when God’s powerful hands lifted her up. She loves the thanksgiving of her listeners with the Urhobo dialect.

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The song follows “Kpevwo Oghene” release that was met in December 2020 with great reviews and feedback on publication. The publication in December 2019 was the first since her 7-year hiatus. In 2012, she launched “Ovie” and added a video to it.

Celina Onoriode Ejemai is a native of Agbarho, Ughelli North Delta. She is a graduate of Delta State University, where she studied Economics and is currently a banker.Her genre is mostly Contemporary Christian music, which she blends with the rich traditional African rhythm of the birth of great songs of praise and worship. Celiono began music professionally in 2009.

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Lyrics: Oghene Ose Woruno By Celiono

Ki die me wo kpevwo ghene
(What can use to thank God)
Oghene Ose Woruno
(My God you’ve done so much )2*. (Chorus)

Verse 1
Heavenly Father I’ve come praise ur name
For love for me and your mercy too
Words are not enough to express to you
My gratitude and my gratefuness
doh doh oghene miyeruvwe doh doh
(Doh doh God I greet you doh)

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Verse 2
When the going gets tough lord see me through
Even when I fail your mercy stays
There were times when There was no way out
You made a way when I cried to you
Doh doh doh doh
Oghene miyeruvwe doh doh
(God I greet you doh)


Ki die
Ki die
me wo kpevwo ghene
(..can I use to thank God..)
Ose Obo wo ruru akpome
(..My father for all you have done in my life)