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All about Gospel Artist Same OG

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Same OG is a multi-talented CHH Female artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her musical styles cover the genres of Hip Hop to Afro-Beats, Soft Rock and Neo-Soul. As an Indie Artist, she has a passion for producing and curating content that encourages and motivates her listeners and followers, and this can be seen in her songs and articles on her website.

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In her words– “As a lady, hearing and reading about issues from a woman’s perspective, especially in the form of music, carries a lot of impact and so many ladies and young folks can relate to such a piece. I think a diverse audience deserves a diverse representation of artists and messages, and since Same OG is all about diversity, integrity and motivation, I look forward to reaching out to the majority through good music and godly material.”

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She has gone ahead to release more songs and features after wrapping up her well-received project titled UNVEILED THE LP which brought about global exciting feedback surrounding the album.

She hosted the first LIVE HIP-HOP show in Lagos, Nigeria in 2018, entitled “One On One with SAME OG” where she sold out a club sitting and music lovers enjoyed LIVE PERFORMANCE HIP HOP from herself and other great Hip Hop performers.

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She is already working on new songs and her fans and lovers of Afrobeats / Hip Hop are on the lookout for sure.