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Album: Full Tracklist of “The King is Coming” – Nathaniel Bassey

album the king is coming – nathaniel bassey 575823373. Album: Full Tracklist of "The King is Coming" - Nathaniel Bassey Nathaniel Bassey, Latest Gospel Music

Nathaniel Bassey’s “The King Is Coming” has just been released on Boomplay and soon the album will be available on all digital music platforms.

According to pastor Nathaniel Bassey message on IG:

“What you’d be getting this weekend is not an ALBUM. But a weapon. An Arsenal of spiritual and prophetic songs. With them you would enforce and celebrate your victory in Christ Jesus.Three things I trust this would ignite in your life – PRAYER – POWER & PASSION for HIS Presence.Lately I’ve been meditating on the mystery of songs in worship. Why music or singing is such an integral part of our worship of God. So important He says in Psalm 100:2 to COME BEFORE HIS PRESENCE WITH SINGING. Not a suggestion, but a divine protocol. Singing to yourselves with PSALMS, HYMNS & SPIRITUAL SONGS. Ephesians 5 :18.Something happens when we proclaim who God is, His power and what He has done in songs. I have seen this myself. Seasons change, atmospheres change, 6 change. Even we are changed. God’s voice is obvious and clear. Not because it wasn’t always clear, but because we position ourselves properly to hear and receive, taking the posture of true worship. we hit the right frequency. After all, He dwells in and inhabits the praises of Israel (His People)”So I look forward to putting this in your hands especially as we approach an interesting year, 2020.

See The King Is Coming Tracklist

  1. Emmanuel
  2. All Power
  3. There Is a Place
  4. He Has Prevailed
  5. Holy
  6. Jehovah Nissi
  7. The King Is Coming
  8. Carry Me
  9. Thank You, Lord
  10. I Will Dance
  11. You Are Holy
  12. Psalm 91
  13. Yeshua Hamashiach
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